How to Choose the Right Salesforce Partner for Your Business

Growing your business is likely one of your biggest business goals. To do this, you may be looking at finding a consulting partner. In the United States, there are nearly two million people that work in management consulting. With that in mind, you can end up having a large pool of partners that you have to narrow down. So, how do you find the right Salesforce partner? 

This guide will give you a few tips on how to find one that stands out. 

Ask About Experience 

The first thing you should do is ask a potential partner about their experience. Find out how many years they have worked in this industry, what kind of businesses they have worked with in the past, and determine if they made a positive impact on business growth for those past customers. 

You want to make sure that the person you are working with not only has experience but also successful experience. Also, something to consider is how large of a company they have had success with here. 

Shop Around 

Next, you need to know what options you have out there. If you team up with the first person to pitch a partnership with you, you likely will not know if you are getting the best deal. 

Admittedly, this could end up being the perfect person to work with compared to other people you meet. However, at this moment, you have no basis for comparison. 

You need to shop around to see what the market is like for this. See if someone offers you more experience, friendlier rates, a better strategy, etc. 

Consider the Cost 

Another thing you need to do is consider the cost of the services that you are being offered. You may realize early on that your potential partner is too expensive to justify paying a certain amount of money. 

First, you need to determine a budget for this expense. Then, you need to stick to this budget unless you essentially get an offer that you can’t refuse. 

If you do not like the price quotes that you are getting from one potential partner, feel free to take a look around the market until you find something that you like better. 

However, be careful when it comes to being too cheap with your budget. You may run into an offer that is too good to be true. 

For example, let’s say you find one potential partner that is quoting you half of the money that the majority of the other potential partners are quoting. Is that partner a hidden gem or a mistake waiting to happen? 

You need to go with your gut in these situations and avoid getting too infatuated by a cheap price. If something is too good to be true, it normally is. Carry this mindset when you are looking at price quotes for these services. 

Look at References or Testimonials 

Something else that you should request from a potential partner is if they have any references or testimonials that can vouch for their services. This can help you get a better idea of what past customers may think of this partner. 

For example, a partner may give you a reference that you can call or email. From there, you can reach out to this person and see what they have to say. 

Some may argue that this may not give you the full picture because people usually only put those that they have a good relationship as references. However, it is a good start and you can still find out any notable things that your potential partner did in the past. 

If there are enough positive stories and positive quotes, it can give you the verification you need to hire them. 

Ask Around 

If you have friends or associates in your business network, it may be asking around to see what they think of your potential partner. They could end up either giving you some wise advice about that particular person or guiding you in the direction of someone they think may be a good fit for you.

Why is this one of the best things that you can do? The answer is that people tend to trust their friends and family over the word of other companies. 

In fact, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends. 

These are people you can generally confide with. So, do not be afraid to ask them for advice on a situation like this. 

Go With Your Gut

Finally, you just need to listen to your gut at some point. You can take in all of the information above and think you found the right partner. 

However, your gut may tell you that this is not the right person to work with. Do not ignore this feeling, especially if your gut has steered you right in the past. 

If you notice this happening to you, go over the little details again more carefully. Are you confident in their strategy? Do you think you can trust this person with sensitive information? Are things too good to be true? 

Think hard about the answers to these questions before you make a final decision. 

Find a Salesforce Partner 

These are some ways that you can increase your chances of finding a good Salesforce partner. You need to listen to your gut, ask your friends for advice, ask for references, ask about their experiences, and not be afraid to shop around. 

Do you want to know more? Message us today with your questions. 

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