salesforce vs netsuite

Salesforce vs Netsuite: A Comparison for Business Owners

Game-changer is an overused term in business. But the right type of software, one that’s a perfect fit for your business, truly is a game-changer.

Powerful technology helps us work faster, more efficiently, and with better accuracy. It’s transformation when you make the right choice.

However, that choice of tool is often the stumbling block for many businesses. It’s always a challenge to weigh up the pros and cons when you look at the shining illustrations on a sales page.

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to give you the lowdown on two of the biggest names in the industry: Salesforce vs. NetSuite. 

Salesforce: an Overview 

You’ve probably heard of Salesforce, even if you haven’t used it. It’s the leading CRM and is used globally by some of the biggest businesses. But Salesforce isn’t only for multinationals.

It’s a comprehensive platform flexible enough for all types of organizations.

Services available via the platform cover many departments. That includes sales, marketing, and customer service. The platform adds value by allowing businesses to streamline their operations. It keeps everything in one place.

That also means it has reporting and business insights to help shape any ambitious business strategy.

Like many modern business software solutions, Salesforce is now cloud-based. That means it’s easy and quick to set up and doesn’t require substantial infrastructure investments. 

Salesforce: Key Features 

Salesforce’s CRM is highly customizable. Thus, you can use the most beneficial features for your business.

Companies can benefit from the lead management capabilities. These include capturing, sorting, and organizing leads. You can also track their progress through the sales funnel.

It also offers digital marketing capabilities. If you use email marketing, Salesforce also provides this integration so you can track the sales emails you send. You also get advanced analytics capabilities with Salesforce.

It provides detailed insights into your sales trends and customer behavior. Salesforce also offers something called an AppExchange.

Here, you can integrate Salesforce with a vast number of third-party tools. Salesforce has also put together a training platform inside the app, allowing your teams to enjoy maximum use from your investment.

Teams also benefit from a collaboration tool inside the app. Inside Salesforce, you’ll also find a suite of customer service tools, including case management and a knowledge base. 

Salesforce: the Advantages 

Salesforce has several distinct advantages over NetSuite. Here are some worth mentioning. 

A Sharp Focus on Customer Relationships 

There is a reason Salesforce is the number one CRM. It has exceptional functionality for businesses wanting to manage customer relationships.

The tools allow you to oversee a customer experience through every point in your sales funnel and every touch point they have with your company. 

AI-Powered Analytics 

Every tool offers analytics capabilities, but Salesforce has taken this further by providing advanced, AI-powered tools. AI is a powerful addition because it monitors data and predicts patterns faster and better than humans. 

A Worldwide Community 

Salesforce is a massive global platform, so one of its advantages is its vast community.

This means you always have an extensive network of experts to help you with any aspect of the software. It gives you access to best practices, innovative ideas, and troubleshooting tips. 

Powerful Customization 

Salesforce is highly customizable business technology. It enables businesses to better match the tool to their unique needs. That customization also makes it easy to adapt the software along with an ever-evolving business strategy. 

NetSuite: an Overview 

NetSuite is another comprehensive and scalable platform. Its core aim is to have all business-supporting software under one virtual roof, streamlining a company’s operations.

That includes enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, financial management, inventory management, and a CRM.

Like Salesforce, NetSuite has adopted a cloud-based model, which means it’s suitable for any business and doesn’t require massive physical infrastructure before you can start using it.

That also means any employee has access to it anywhere and anytime. 

NetSuite: Key Features 

NetSuite has a massive range of features that fit with businesses of any size.

That starts with their ERP tool. That covers accounting, order management, and inventory management, so it’s a crucial support tool for your business operations.

The next notable feature is NetSuite’s CRM capability. This part of the software can manage all customer service parts of your business, including support for the sales team.

The tool also supports e-commerce, which helps track online sales and link them to the business’s operational and fulfillment departments.

Like Salesforce, NetSuite also has a sophisticated analytics setup to help you make data-driven business decisions.

Other significant features include professional service features like project management. It also has global management, allowing companies to operate across international borders. 

NetSuite: the Advantages 

NetSuite has many features, but how does it compare to Salesforce? Here are some of the main advantages. 

It’s an All-in-One Platform 

NetSuite’s wide range of features makes it an all-in-one software solution for any type of business. It reduces the cost and complexity of having multiple software platforms and setting up integrations. 

Global Support 

NetSuite offers everything for a global operation, making it ideal for a multinational company. It also has features vital for an international company, such as multiple currency and language support and local tax calculations. 

Real-Time Information

Having all data in one place gives your business real-time access to everything it needs for operations and decision-making. You aren’t left waiting for a report to run or another department to email you. 

It’s Scalable 

NetSuite has designed its platform to scale easily. It’s ideal for companies experiencing business growth that don’t want to reinvest in a new platform in a few years. 

Salesforce Vs. NetSuite: Finding the Right Fit for You

When you explore the features of each tool, you’ll see that when comparing Salesforce Vs. NetSuite, each has much to offer any company. What’s right for you will depend on finding a closer fit for your distinct business needs. 

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