Our Values

At 6Street Digital, foundational values are our guiding principles as a company and as individuals. Our team values diverse opinions, exemplifies integrity and servant-leadership mindset, and thrives on being humble and respectful. Since 2012, these values have been integral to our relationship based results ethos.

People First

Based on the principles of humble leadership, we are purposeful, motivated and energized by empathy and respect. We are a people-centric organization that believes employee happiness and well-being are the resilient measures of success.


Results & Relationships

We drive skillful results for our customers through strong relationships. Our team members personally care for our customer's success and strive daily to guide them towards milestones with transparency and a 360 view.

Diversity & Equality

We have one lens, the human lens. We value different opinions and perspectives; embrace cross-cultural diversity and respect cultural differences; and, believe in equality for everyone free from any discrimination.


Transparency, Honesty
& Trust

At 6ST, these values are cornerstone to every employee's profile. We believe in transparency with our customers and amongst ourselves; embody honesty & trust in our behavior, conduct and communications; and, complement what we are doing with why we are doing it.


Staying in-tune with the well-being of our team members, we firmly believe work-life balance leads to improved productivity, stronger employee engagement and reduced stress. In this era, it positions our team to attract and retain talent.


Our Geek Conviction

We embrace challenges! We encourage personal and professional growth in our teammates by fostering insatiable curiosity; work together to share our communal knowledge; and help each other break barriers.