Streamline your customer’s journey and boost sales with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Our custom solution offers features like inventory management, order tracking and self-service portals for a seamless buying experience for your customers.

6Street Digital - Cost Control and Efficiency
Cost Control & Efficiency
Managing costs and improving efficiency is a constant challenge for manufacturing businesses.
6Street Digital - Meeting Customer Demands
Meeting Customer Demands
Manufacturing businesses must be able to adapt to changing customer demands in order to remain competitive.
6Street Digital - Adopting New Technologies
Adopting New Technologies
Keeping up with new technologies and implementing them in the manufacturing process can be a major challenge for manufacturers.

In today's fast-paced business environment, it is essential to provide efficient and transparent self-service options for your customers to order replacement parts with minimal downtime. Traditional methods such as fax orders and shipping guesswork can lead to delays and dissatisfaction among customers.

We can tailor a solution to fit your specific processes, regardless of their complexity.
To excel in the manufacturing industry, it is crucial for business units to maintain connectivity in order to keep up with global supply and demand trends. Our company assists manufacturers by identifying and implementing products and solutions that align with their specific requirements, while also allowing for the continuation of their current processes.

Industry Expertise

Our Customer Success Stories

6Street Digital - Gore


Our organization was entrusted with the deployment of a B2B Commerce (CCRZ) solution for W.L. Gore. In collaboration with PwC and the company, we crafted e-commerce solutions for their fabrics and cables divisions. The objective of this endeavor was to design and implement a B2B commerce platform that facilitates a streamlined User Experience for customers, accommodates diverse user pathways throughout the ordering process and enables the placement of bulk orders.


  • Salesforce B2B Commence (CCRZ), Sales Cloud, And
    Experience Cloud
  • Integration With SAP
  • Rich Content Management
  • Integration With Reseller Sites
  • Custom User Experience And Brand Pages


We partnered with Avery Dennison to build a B2B Commerce portal for their suppliers in North America, reducing the workload for their sales and service reps. The project presented unique challenges, such as specialized requirements for handling complex customer account hierarchies and creating a new Wishlist functionality. Our team modified the "Effective Accounts" feature and extended the out-of-the-box Wishlist functionality to match Avery Dennison's requirements, and built a custom report builder to provide robust reporting capabilities for suppliers.


  • Salesforce B2B Commence (CCRZ)
  • Integration With Oracle
  • Complex Customer Account Hierarchies
  • Wishlists With Automated Inventory Monitoring
  • Customer-Facing Reporting System
6STreet Digital - Total Safety


  • Industry's Growth in Digital Sales Amid Supply Chain Disruption
  • Case Studies: Coca-Cola and L'Oréal
  • Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities
  • Secrets to a Successful B2B Commerce Rollout:
    5 Key Factors to Consider
  • Choosing The Right Partner For Your Business
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