A Comprehensive Overview of Marketing Cloud Engagement and Automation

Sixty-three percent of the companies using marketing automation platforms have outperformed their competitors. This statistic proves that marketing automation software is very useful. Marketing Cloud in Salesforce is an excellent example of this kind of software. Are you interested in using Marketing Cloud automation software for your company’s marketing needs? If so, you’ll need to learn how to use this software effectively. Read on to get a comprehensive guide to Marketing Cloud Engagement. 

What Is Marketing Cloud Engagement?  

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud software, formerly known as Pardot, is primarily a marketing automation platform. It helps companies manage and automate various marketing tasks. When human workers aren’t necessary, software users can easily deliver personalized experiences and grow marketing pipelines. 

Here are some tasks Marketing Cloud Engagement can handle:  

  • SEO marketing
  • Tracking customers
  • Powerful segmentation 
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Create targeted campaigns
  • Predicting customer actions
  • SMS sending and monitoring
  • Personalized email marketing
  • Monitoring campaign performance 

In addition, the Marketing Cloud software is part of Salesforce’s CRM suite. Therefore it can easily link up with the other software in this suite. Along with this, you can link it up with many third-party applications. 

With these connections, businesses can look at their customer data in several different ways. 

What Problems Can Marketing Cloud Address? 

Here’s another thing to think about before you purchase Marketing Cloud. If you already have this program, you may not be using it to its full potential.

See the list below. Consider if your company has these problems. If it does, you may want to consider using Marketing Cloud to fix them. 

Not Collecting Data Together

Say that you (and maybe your clients) have a few different email marketing platforms. If so, you’re going to have a bunch of different data from these platforms. It can be inconvenient to collect and organize all this data by hand.

Luckily, Marketing Cloud may be able to connect to all these platforms. It can then collect the data and organize it together. 

Not Improving Customer Experience

Marketers need to be actively adapting their tactics to keep customers and keep them satisfied. However, they may not know the right way to change their tactics. To properly build marketing goals and objectives, they need to learn about what their customers need and how they behave. 

Marketing Cloud can collect information on customer behavior. It can then predict what the customers will do next. Marketers can then use this information to change their channels so customers have a better experience. 

Not Communicating Effectively 

It’s hard for marketers to get customers to engage with marketing messages. Most potential customers are already receiving several different marketing messages a day. After they receive them, most customers delete them. 

To get customers to click on messages, marketers need special tactics. Making messages more personalized is the kind of special tactic that a business needs. Marketing Cloud can help business managers handle this by helping them create messages such as these. 

Marketers can make perfect emails, SMS messages, etc. by getting ideas through the collected customer data. They can then tell Marketing Cloud to send specific messages to customers who take certain actions. 

Key Components of Marketing Cloud 

Marketing Cloud isn’t just one program. Rather, it’s a collection of programs. Each one fulfills one or two of the tasks mentioned above. 

To properly create a specific task, you will need to go to a certain component. Here are some of the components of Marketing Cloud and brief descriptions of each: 

Journey Builder 

Journey Builder links all the marketing campaign components together. This way, it can make the customer experience consistent across all channels.

You can also link messages to all the marketing components. Doing this can help customers receive the right information at the right time no matter where they are. 

Interaction Studio 

Interaction Studio helps businesses track, manage, and visualize customer experiences. This helps it personalize what customers get from different engagement mediums. 

Social Studio 

Social Studio handles social media marketing campaigns. It does this partly by creating posts that both engage communities and provide customer service. It also collects data on social media followers.  

Email Studio 

Marketing Cloud’s email marketing software helps businesses create relevant and innovative customer emails. It can also categorize different customer profiles. This information can help businesses customize emails for different customer types. 

Mobile Studio 

Mobile Studio helps businesses add a mobile component to their marketing strategy. They can then reach customers through SMS, push notifications, and more. 


You can solve problems when you don’t know they exist. Datorama collects all the data and analytics from all your marketing campaigns in one place. You can then use this information to improve your marketing efforts. 

What Programs Can Marketing Cloud Integrate With? 

Do you already use Salesforce software programs? If so, you shouldn’t have any issues connecting them to Marketing Cloud. If you work with other software programs, connecting them to Marketing Cloud may be more difficult. 

If you haven’t picked up Marketing Cloud yet, wait until you know that it will connect to the programs your business uses. Get started with this research by looking at the programs you can connect to below:

  • GoToWebinar 
  • Google Ads
  • Ready Talk 
  • Eventbrite
  • UserVoice
  • WebEx 
  • Twilio
  • Wistia
  • Olark

You can also connect Marketing Cloud to several social media platforms and other websites. LinkedIn,  Facebook, and Twitter are some examples, but they are not the only ones. 

We’ll Help You With Salesforce Programs

Marketing Cloud Engagement is an incredible program that can help supercharge your marketing process. You just learned a bit about what it is and some different ways you can use it. 

However, the information in this article is probably not enough for you to fully understand how to use Marketing Cloud. You and your team may still experience a lot of issues as you use the program. If that happens, consider coming to us at 6 Street Digital. 

We serve as trusted technology advisors for organizations. If a company wants to implement Salesforce products, we can help them do so. Request a free consultation by filling out the form on this page.

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