What Is Gamification in Salesforce?

Employees that are engaged in their workplaces are more productive, happier, and willing to go above and beyond. Unfortunately, around 51% of workers feel disengaged at their jobs. These negative feelings can quickly spread to other workers, decreasing your employees’ satisfaction in your workplace. 

There are a few ways you can give your employees a boost. One of the best ways is by adopting gamification into your company. You might be asking yourself, “what is gamification?”

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about gamification. Learn how to implement it in your organization to keep your employees happy while improving your bottom line. 

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is a new technique that businesses use to improve engagement. It involves integrating different types of gameplay into non-game settings. The goal is to modify employee behaviors and drive your business outcomes. 

Salesforce gamification is the use of competition, contests, and point scoring for various activities that get logged into Salesforce. These tasks can include things like:

  • Live-connects
  • Dials
  • Proposal issued
  • In-person meetings
  • Opportunities closed 

With Salesforce gamification, you’re emphasizing sales behaviors that’ll increase how many deals your employees close. It’ll increase your employee’s performance while benefiting your business as a whole. 

Salesforce gamification is also a great way to streamline onboarding new hires. It can also help your current employees adopt the Salesforce program more easily. 

Choose the Right Activities

Picking gamification activities is the first step to getting started. You need to choose tasks that already exist in your sales cycles. These activities need to push potential clients to close on a deal. 

These behaviors can get shown on a leaderboard or scorecard. This helps your employees measure their progress against their goals. 

Keep in mind that you’ll want to choose activities that indicate a high level of success. Essentially you what to pick tasks that lead to an employee being successful but aren’t the result of success.

Picking activities this way will break down your employee’s sales cycle. Their goals can be more manageable, helping guide them through the process. 


Leaderboards are one of the top priorities with cloud-based gamification. You can also set your leaderboards so they can get broadcasted to TVs inside of your office.

The leaderboards show how your staff measures up against their peers. Workers can climb the leaderboard based on how many and what behaviors they logged. Employees will get motivated if they see someone else beating them in a certain area. 

While they are a form of friendly competition, leaderboards help your managers see where your staff is performing. They’ll notice areas where they’re excelling and spots where they could improve. Your managers can step in when needed before your staff falls far behind on their goals. 


Do your workers need the incentive to give their performance a boost? Contests are a wonderful way to kickstart your organization’s competitive spirit. 

Once your managers select the activities that align with high-level goals, they can go into the Salesforce app and create contests. In general, sales representatives are competitive. Contests tap into their competitive nature to drive them a little bit further. 

You can also have each employee’s standing in the contest shown on the leaderboard. They can see how they’re measuring up against their colleagues during a contest. 

What Are the Salesforce Gamification Benefits?

Keeping your employees engaged, especially if you have a remote workforce, is one of the benefits of gamification. There are a few ways this method achieves that. 

Level the Playing Field With Transparancy

Your employees aren’t just concerned with how they’re performing. They want to know how they measure up against their colleagues. They’ll want to know who’s getting rewarded and in what way. 

Your employees might suspect that their performance is being discussed between managers without them present. They could feel that their success isn’t acknowledged. They could also believe that their colleagues are getting preferential treatment. 

Employees might not work as hard if they feel that there’s favoritism in the workplace. That’ll negatively impact your employee engagement. 

Personal profiles and leaderboards allow you to showcase your employees’ performances. Everyone can see where they stand and what they need to do. It’s a fun type of competition that helps people improve their performance. 

Real-Time Feedback

Everyone is about immediate gratification, especially in the workplace. Getting rewards right away for doing a good job is valuable for employees. Your workers need to know that the work they’re doing is important. 

Employees also want to know what areas they should focus on. Feedback, whether it’s positive or constructive, is key to learning. 

In a lot of workplaces, employees don’t know how they’re performing until they get to their reviews. By the time they get to their reviews, their workplace goals might not be relevant. 

That’s where Salesforce gamification can help. Your workers will work toward measurable goals. These can include:

  • Badges
  • Levels
  • Points
  • Leaderboards

They’ll receive real-time rewards and feedback when they accomplish their goals. Even small rewards can make all the difference in ensuring your employees work their hardest. 

Fun Experiences Increase Consumption 

Many people in today’s workforce grew up playing video games. Incorporating gamification into your business seems like a natural progression. Playing games is an intuitive and familiar thing to a big chunk of your employees. 

Gamification not only makes working fun but levels up their skill-building and learning. They’ll consume more content, which helps them succeed. 

One of the main things facing businesses today is that they have a huge demand for digital skills. Unfortunately, there’s a big gap between what they need and how many workers possess it. 

A gamified platform helps workers constantly learn. They can stay up to speed on modern products and technologies. 

Partner With an Experienced Salesforce Gamification Consultant 

We hope we’ve answered the burning question of “what is gamification?” Salesforce gamification is a great way to incentivize your employees and propel them forward. Your business will thrive as your staff works toward a common goal. 

6Street Digital is here to guide you through the process of Salesforce gamification. We provide a wide range of consulting services to help you maximize the platform to its full potential. Contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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