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Salesforce Guide: Tips and Tricks for Productivity and Efficiency

According to their site, Salesforce has over 150,000 users from around the world. Their cloud capabilities are becoming more and more popular among businesses across all sectors. 

But what is Salesforce? If I want to use Salesforce, how do I get the most out of my investment?

That’s what we’ll be looking at today. In this Salesforce guide, we’ll be providing tips for Salesforce users to help them boost their efficiency and productivity. 

What is Salesforce?

But what is Salesforce and what does it do for businesses?

Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software company, otherwise known as SaaS. They specialize in customer relationship management or CRM.

In other words, Salesforce provides clients with cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and investors. It helps you market to customers, track success, and other business activities. 

Salesforce has become an incredibly successful company, with its 2020 revenues topping $5 billion

The company provides tools for businesses to better understand and connect with their customers. Cloud-based technology helps clients track analytics, customer support stats, and other CRM data. 

The best part is that it’s all cloud-based, meaning clients can access this information wherever they are. It’s also become a valuable marketing tool, as users can track sales and spending figures to analyze performance. 

In short, Salesforce is a one-stop-shop for maintaining, communicating, and growing with a customer base. 

Benefits of Using Salesforce

But what can a business get out of using Salesforce? What are the tangible benefits?

Customer Information

Salesforce allows you to access individual accounts, contacts, tasks, and events to create leads and potential customers. This means you can look up any lead you want.

The ability to share customer information is invaluable since you can hand off certain clients to other members of your team without any miscommunication. 

Time Management

With Salesforce’s planning tools and client information, you’ll be able to manage your time much more efficiently. Organizing tasks for different clients is much easier with all of their information at your disposal. 


Salesforce also lets you talk with your team members through their platform. You can easily share work-related information about clients and leads. 

You can also connect members with specific clients to help them prioritize and schedule their tasks. 

Account Planning

Salesforce provides you with all the information you need on each client. This allows for a more hands-on approach to connecting with clients. 

Following up with customers and managing important duties is made much simpler since you can delegate those tasks to teammates. With comprehensive account planning options, you’re afforded much more flexibility. 

Salesforce Hacks For Greater Efficiency

Looking to leverage Salesforce to enjoy those benefits? Then consider using this Salesforce guide to get the most out of this CRM platform:

Integrate Email Clients

Jumping back and forth from different programs to Salesforce eats up time and reduces efficiency. Instead of working out of your email client, consider integrating it into your Salesforce CRM. This allows you to manage your email clients through Salesforce. 

Track Leads By Source

Look at the sources for all of your Salesforce leads. Knowing where your leads are coming from will help you understand where to prioritize your strategy. 

You can optimize your budget when you know how many people are coming in through each source. 

Use Filters on Lookup Fields

Don’t use standard Lookup to decide who the primary contact is for an account. Instead, use a Lookup Filter to narrow things down faster. Well-made lookups speed up the process while promoting clean data. 

Track Lead Conversion By Time

If you track your lead conversations by time, you’ll get a better idea as to which sales cycle works best. If something takes a shorter time to make a conversion, you can allocate more time and resources to that strategy. 

Tie Leads Through Revenue

If you find that a source is creating a low volume of high-value leads, it’s good to invest some time into that source. Even if the conversion rate is low, the value of each client might be enough to invest more resources. 

Make sure you’re looking at the value of each lead to guide your marketing strategies on Salesforce. 

Use Salesforce Chatter

If you’ve got overworked Sales and Marketing directors, you need to start using Chatter. As a real-time collaboration app, you no longer have to wait on email correspondence to get something done. 

Even a large, busy remote team can work more together by using Chatter’s collaboration tools. 

Analyze Opportunities

Don’t just track your clients and conversions. Look at your opportunities and their respective win rates through Salesforce. Run monthly reports on potential clients so your sales managers and executives are always in the know. 

Strategies for capturing new clients can also help you make any tweaks in your business protocol. 


Salesforce also has a “Stay-in-Touch” feature. This lets you email a summary of contact data and make quick online adjustments. Customers can see those emails and allow you to make adjustments to their accounts. 

Use Dashboards

Salesforce’s dashboards give you a quick overview of data relevant to your company’s business goals. It provides visual reports that give an overview of all relevant information. Use your dashboards and customize them to your preferences. 

Custom Integration

Salesforce allows you to create custom integrations through open APIs. If you have other business-related software that you regularly use, consider creating custom integrations. 

This reduces the need to click from one program to another and streamline certain tasks. 

Leverage Salesforce Guide For Greater Productivity and Efficiency

Salesforce provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses and knowing the right tricks lets you take full advantage of the program. Use this Salesforce guide to learn how to use Salesforce more efficiently and boost your company’s productivity today. 

Looking to maximize your company’s Salesforce investment? Contact us today and we can get you started on our solutions!