Combining eCommerce and Your Salesforce CRM

B2B Commerce with CloudCraze

B2B Commerce is a core competency of ours. We partnered with CloudCraze to bring B2B Commerce to Salesforce. Get a 360 view of your customer experience by combining eCommerce and your Salesforce CRM. While it may seem different at first to have your B2B Commerce platform on your Salesforce CRM platform, it makes perfect sense in the days of digital transformation.


A growing number of companies are turning to cloud-based SaaS solutions because they cost less, are infinitely more flexible and can be deployed in weeks, not years. In the time it would take to design and build a traditional commerce system from Oracle or SAP’s Hybris, for example, a company could launch a SaaS solution like CloudCraze, start producing revenue, measure customer impact and use that knowledge to iterate and ultimately improve the experience for its customers and stakeholders.

To stay competitive globally, companies need to break old habits and embrace the “agile” development paradigm, where the organization deploys a solution quickly, gathers real-world data from customers and refines the solution on the run. With CloudCraze, the only true cloud-based commerce solution on the market, the solution can not only be hosted on the Salesforce platform; but also can be easily integrated into a company’s existing enterprise infrastructure.


Give Customers What They Want Right

For B2B companies especially, speed is of the essence when it comes to commerce. While the B2B market is four times as large as the B2C sector, most B2B companies trail well behind their B2C counterparts in terms of building out robust, easy-to-use omnichannel offerings. As B2B customers flock online, however, that threatens to become a serious impediment. Forrester estimates that 53 percent of buyers expect to be making more than half their business purchases online in 2018. That’s up from 32 percent last year. And 82 percent already make business purchases at Amazon at least occasionally, presumably bypassing established purchasing arrangements with B2B partners.

These and reams of other data points demonstrate one thing: B2B commerce is in the midst of a fundamental shift as buyers increasingly demand B2C-like experiences from their B2B vendors in terms of convenience, service and security. For today’s companies, that means it is critical to accelerate development of the digital solutions needed to meet customers on their own terms. Some companies may value control over speed when it comes to their IT requirements. But at a time when winning often boils down to who can give customers what they want right now, the cloud and SaaS give CIOs a powerful set of tools to step up to the challenge.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Win every selling moment with the world’s #1 CRM solution. We have years of implementing, developing, and integrating Sales Cloud to fit the business processes of our customers. Our agile team works very closely to get solutions working extremely quick.


We can help customize your experience to get a 360-degree view of your customers. With our multi-cloud experience, we can create a single, consistent selling process by making sales, service, and marketing data work together. See everything from sales forecasts to team performance on any device — a laptop, a phone, you name it. Your reps can then focus on the most important actions, giving them the right advice at the right time. At 6Street Digital we have helped our customers integrate back-end systems to create a unified, 360-degree view of the customer. Then surface vital information so sales can make better decisions. We can work with you to create the perfect sales experience for reps and partners. With Sales Cloud, you can empower reps with the latest technology like artificial intelligence and automation to sell smarter and close deals, faster.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Build lasting relationships by providing personalized, intelligent support with Service Cloud. We have helped service organizations implement Salesforce Service Cloud to bring digital transformation to their service and support teams. By understanding their business intimately and then having them use Service Cloud's award-winning features we customize Service Cloud to make their call centers and support personnel more efficient.


With Service Cloud, you can see all the details of a case, at a glance. Boost agent efficiency and customer satisfaction with a Lightning Service Console. It displays everything relevant to a case, from any department, all in one dynamic, connected CRM solution. We can help you go a step further and reduce case volume with a self-service portal with Community Cloud. With it, give customers the option to help themselves with a custom, branded community that connects them to shared knowledge, helpful peers, and subject-matter experts.

Salesforce Community Cloud

With Salesforce Community Cloud build intelligent and branded communities and portals for customers, partners, and employees. The community will create an engaging and connected digital experience. With community cloud, communities can be integrated with any system, anywhere. Customers can create and escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Employees can access and share files, plus stay connected with chatter and groups. Collaborate anywhere, from any device by accessing the community through the Salesforce mobile app or from any mobile browser. Deliver a rich, branded, and device-responsive mobile experience anywhere.


Customer Communities

Deliver stellar service with powerful, easy-to-build portals and communities that provide rich, self-service experiences. Help your customers help themselves and help your agents work smarter, with easy access to articles, FAQ, and the collective wisdom of the community. Create a vibrant community by recognizing your most active members with customizable badges that appear on their profiles. Enable members to endorse each other for specific skills and expertise. Customers can create cases directly in the community. Cases can also be escalated automatically based on keywords, or if a question goes unanswered. Agents can answer within the community, or privately. Create new purchasing opportunities by integrating your e-commerce platform and enabling customers to discover, research, and buy products all in one branded, mobile, and social environment.

Partner Communities

Accelerate your sales channels by connecting directly with resellers, distributors, and partners. Share contacts, leads, and records with partners. Integrate third-party systems to centralize pricing, inventory, and more. Finally, avoid channel conflict with deal registration and lead distribution. Connect partners to product experts, and adjust sharing settings so that partners access only relevant information to move opportunities through the pipe. Track and rank partner performance, share customizable dashboards and reports with partners to ensure alignment with key goals, and easily connect data from any source with Wave Analytics.

Employee Communities

Drive employee productivity and engagement with internal, branded communities. Employees can collaborate on projects, find subject-matter experts, get updates, and more. Foster a more innovative workplace where anyone, anywhere, can contribute ideas. Give structure to discussions and activities. Create a group for your team, an upcoming event, a new project, or a campaign. Share files and records across your organization, and even integrate video. Give your files context with secure, social, and mobile file access embedded into your core business processes. Sync files across all devices and bring them into one easily accessible location.

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