What Is Salesforce Genie and How Can It Help You?

Over 150,000 organizations globally are harnessing the power of Salesforce and their cloud-based software. Salesforce is booming and is proud to be called a “Best Place to Work” by Glassdoor Employees Choice awards in multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As they are growing, they are continuing to develop new and exciting solutions to further enhance their global footprint. Today, their latest software, Salesforce Genie, is making waves and improving the way companies do business.

The Salesforce Genie announcement hits news outlets in September 2022. The Register declares that Salesforce lets Genie out of the bottle.

Why do you think they call it a Genie? Does it grant your wishes? Is it as magical as it sounds by the name?

Well, from the way the developers at Salesforce built it, you would probably say, absolutely!

If you are not reaping the benefits that come from Salesforce Genie, you are missing out, and here is why.

What Is Salesforce Genie?

It stores a massive scale of customer data and creates harmony. Salesforce Genie transforms large amounts of data into one dynamic truth source or a customer graph.

With Salesforce Genie, you get a platform that creates real-time customer magic. It can make sense of your customer data regardless of where it comes from, such as channel, system, or data stream. The platform unifies the customers profile record from every step of the customer journey to create a superior customer experience.

Salesforce Genie Pricing

The pricing for Salesforce Genie is not published. However, many other helpful Salesforce products have prices published.

Salesforce Essentials has a starting price of $25 per user per month, while Salesforce Sales Professional and Service Professional has a starting price of $75 per user per month. Their Marketing Cloud Account Engagement software starts at $1,250 per user per month.

How Can Salesforce Genie Help You?

To begin, Salesforce Genie is faster than the traditional CDP. There is zero-data copy architecture. That is because Salesforce Genie can read data sources versus syncing data to records or duplicating them.

This is a whole new level of integration, speeding up processes. In a competitive market, with customers demanding speed from companies they do business with; every millisecond matters for today’s superior customer experience.

Benefits of Salesforce Genie

The infrastructure is reliable. They build compliance, privacy, and security already in it. There is nothing additional to add to this.

As your business scales or expands, it can do so safely.

Further, Salesforce Genie is real-time. Within milliseconds, it unifies and collects data. This allows organizations to act instantaneously.

All your teams can benefit from Salesforce Genie. Marketing, sales, service, commerce, accounting, and more can work in sync. They can change which experiences they offer.

Salesforce Genie for Marketers

When the marketing department possesses easy access to external and internal real-time data streams, it makes creating campaigns and accomplishing goals much more efficient. It supercharges customer data, so the possibilities for branding and increasing sales are limitless.

Leveraging Payment Data to Create Customer Insights

Salesforce Genie powers the Salesforce Customer Data Platform, so you can unlock the true power of your customer data. You can integrate customer balances, payment transactions, and other real-time payment data.

When you can connect payment data to your customers, you have tremendous insights about marketing initiatives and how to really elevate each customer touchpoint.

When you have connected data in real-time, this leads to better collaboration and helps the entire organization to achieve company goals. Most times, it leads to better, decisive actions.

How Does Salesforce Genie Work?

The heart of Customer 360 is the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Genie is a component that brings automation and intelligence. Each time they add functionality, the cloud improves.

Customer Graph

Salesforce Genie has developed a set of data models, which they call the Customer Graph. Across the entire Customer 360 solution, the graph is visible.

With better insights, organizations have the power to create better next steps in multiple stages of customer transactions.

Data streams combine and funnel to one customer profile. It does not matter where the data comes from. Regardless, it is a part of the profile.

Real-Time Messaging

Marketing Cloud Users will especially love their benefits because, with this solution, they can send messages to consumers in real-time. Messages can cater to the customers’ activity because it is in real-time!

Benefits of Easy Integration

Whenever a prominent software that is integral to the way you do business is versatile enough to integrate with other platforms, that too is pure magic! Maybe this is why “Genie” is such a perfect name.

Expect to see these outstanding features, too, with Salesforce Genie.

  • First-party advertising with Amazon ads
  • First-party advertising with Meta ads
  • Flow integration connector for Genie
  • Genie and Amazon SageMaker
  • Genie and personalization real-time integration
  • Genie data prep recipes and transforms
  • Genie data spaces
  • Genie for industries
  • Genie’s real-time journey orchestration
  • Mulesoft Anypoint connector
  • Open data access with Snowflake
  • Tableau for CDP connector

Several companies are already using Salesforce Genie, like Ford, Formula 1, and LOreal.

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