How Our Team at 6 Street Technologies is Complying with COVID-19 Prevention Best Practice

CEO Marc Benioff announced on March 12th that Salesforce would be donating $1 million dollars to the UCSF Coronavirus Response Fund and another $500,000 to the CDD Emergency Response Fund.  The San Francisco location and head office of Salesforce will also be matching employee donations to support healthcare organizations during the COVID-19 crisis.

We are proud to be a Salesforce Partner, helping businesses adopt the world’s most powerful and agile software solutions.  But on a personal level, the amazing corporate culture of Salesforce, altruism and leadership is also something to be very proud of by association.   Salesforce does more than care about business; it cares about people.

We’d like to share some key points about our procedural changes in compliance to COVID-19 prevention and best-practice guidelines, so that our B2C and B2B clients know what to expect from our team during the cautionary period of social distancing and other health measures.  

Onsite Customer Visits Will Be Teleconferenced

As I.T. professionals, we are accustomed to collaborating with customers across the nation on video conferencing.  Occasionally, our team are asked to be on site to assist with integrations, for training or to debrief the organization’s executive team.

At this time, the staff and management of 6 Street Technologies will not be conducting site visits.   This is a temporary measure in compliance with public health recommendations to protect our clients and our own team against infection from the COVID-19 virus.

Discovery Calls for New Clients Will Be Teleconferenced

We would like to assure our B2C and B2B executives, founders and management teams that 6 Street Technologies will be scheduling intake calls, to answer your questions about a Salesforce custom integration for your business.

Simply call us or email our team and we will find a convenient time for you to meet the certified Salesforce developers (Sis) on our team and review your current SaaS ecosystem.  We are pleased to answer any questions you have about our Salesforce development services and provide your team with some recent case studies that demonstrate the scope of possibilities for migrating to the world’s most powerful and agile cloud solution, Salesforce.

Are There Some Solutions for Pandemic Response in the Salesforce AppExchange?

As your business navigates the difficult procedure of implementing remote work for employees, alternate schedules, applied vacation time and other accommodations for staff, you may need a little extra help with some native apps within Salesforce.

Here are some suggestions to review in the Salesforce AppExchange:

1. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) on Demand

Each application within GRC On Demand performs a unique function, but all databases within GRC integrate into the same dashboard.  If you are integrating more staff to work from home, you may be concerned about legal compliance, privacy and other issues utilizing computer equipment outside of the secure network.  Including in this software are incident management protocols, risk assessment, monitoring, trends and review reporting for management teams.

2. Give Lively for Charitable Donations and Fundraising

Will your organization be participating in a fundraising event for healthcare supplies, food donations for your local community, or another charitable cause during the COVID-19 health crisis?  There is a free app on the Salesforce AppExchange that is highly rated for ease of use, accuracy and it can help your business start fundraising faster for your local cause.

Give Lively provides capabilities to build effective landing pages to launch charitable campaigns, text-to-donate functionality, mobile friendly one-tap-donations, and embeddable donation pages that can be placed on your website.

Remember during this time to consult with resources you can trust for information about the COVID-19.  One of our most trusted resources is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) YouTube channel, which provides daily updates.

During this difficult time, we hope that Americans extend their faith, kindness and humanity to each other.  Look for safe but meaningful ways that you can make a difference for someone you know; even if that means an online game, or a long conversation.   Follow the prevention protocols provided by healthcare authorities and ‘do your part’ to help protect those most prone to life threatening complications from COVID-19.

We will be continuing to work on our client projects and help businesses move forward with Salesforce integrations and development.   Because no matter what happens, and what adversities we are faced with, Americans rise to the challenge.  And together, we will not only survive but thrive again as colleagues, neighbors, family and friends when this is all over.

Make smart choices and stay strong.

Jonathan Keel

President & Founder, 6 Street Technologies