6Street’s New Accelerator builds a Salesforce B2B Commerce Experience in 4 weeks

In the 20 years I’ve been working in E-Commerce I’ve made it through the bust of the Dot-com Bubble and the 2008 Financial Crisis. These times have left huge market shifts in their wake. With the COVID-19 global pandemic, we will indeed see some shifts take place in our culture and our economy. Even now I’m seeing companies try to survive in this new environment. Some are adapting very quickly while others are not.

The ones who are agile and making quick changes are definitely doing better. Restaurants have either adapted to proving delivery with a subset of their normal menu or started selling boxes of groceries to consumers since their supply chain has not been hit hard like the supply chain of grocery stores. Companies that produce items for packaging and delivery can not keep up with demand. Already we are seeing a market shift right before our eyes.

Manufacturers, distributors, and other companies that have spent the last couple of years rolling out a B2B digital experience for their customers as part of their digital transformation initiatives have been seeing positive signs during this time of uncertainty. While things have been trending slowly to becoming more digital due to the buying patterns of younger generations, the COVID-19 global pandemic just forced this slow shift into overdrive.

What about all the companies that did not prioritize B2B digital experiences for their customers as part of their digital transformation initiatives? I can tell you what I’m seeing. We have had so many people reach out to us at 6Street to get something in place ASAP. They were still doing face-to-face deals, receiving faxed orders in an office full of people, and essentially not giving customers a way to transact with them via laptop, tablet, or mobile.

The digital marketplace just ran off a cliff and it’s time to build a plane while in the air.

While other companies are doing things like giving free or reduced priced software, we at 6Street have put together a plan to help to ensure all the services, brands, and people that we care about make it through to the end of this challenging time. That’s why we have come up with a special Salesforce B2B Commerce Accelerator to help get companies back to doing what they do best in a 100% digital experience for their customers.

Data is the most critical element for a B2B Commerce experience to be successful. Our accelerator provides a specialized team to begin a 1-3 week data analysis session to ensure that the quality of the data is enriched to be publicly available on Salesforce’s B2B digital experience platform. Once the data is ready a commerce storefront can be build by 6Street’s specialized accelerator team in 4-weeks.

Needing to get a Salesforce B2B Commerce solution to your customers in 4 weeks? Yeah we got that. Do you need something special because of your business needs? No problem, you can start with the accelerator and then let us customize the rest of the way.

We are all experiencing this global pandemic together. Let’s also solve these challenges together.