Why You Should Consider Hiring a Pardot Consultant

You only have to take a look at the reviews for using Pardot to know that it’s worth the investment. This cloud-based B2B software allows businesses to analyze marketing campaigns with B2B automation using this service. 

But, even with its stellar reviews, it can be a minefield learning how it works which is why you could be in need of a Pardot consultant!

So, is hiring a consultant a good idea for your business? You’ll discover all the information you need about Pardot and why a consultant could help you make the most of this wonderful platform. 

Let’s begin with an overview of what a Pardot consultant does…

What Is a Pardot Consultant?

Just like any consultant, a Pardot consultant is someone with exceptional skills, knowledge, and experience with the Pardot platform. These are the people that you can turn to with configuration problems and user requests. 

Does this sound like something you could find useful? 

Now, you might be thinking, what are the benefits of hiring an external consultant? And, will it really improve your business?

Firstly, hiring a Pardot consultant in B2B commerce can bring a whole range of benefits such as a new perspective and can help you see issues before they arise. 

New Perspective 

Unlike an employee who is in your offices, an outside consultant brings a fresh view of your business. They aren’t involved in company politics or personal opinions. They are there simply to assist you and offer solutions. 

Having a Pardot consultant means you can get the most out of the platform’s features. For example, they can help with:

  • Lead generation and management 
  • Email automation 
  • Marketing analytics 
  • AI-driven solutions
  • Industry specialized solutions 


A Pardot consultant has special qualifications so they can use the platform for B2B commerce and business. There are special courses dedicated to training people to use Pardot and gain credibility. 

By hiring a Pardot consultant you’re guaranteed to have the best person for the job who knows the most about the platform. Whether you’re already using Pardot or you’re interested in starting the process of starting it up, there are a few ways to successfully implement the platform. 

How to Successfully Use Pardot

Just because you implement Pardot doesn’t necessarily mean you will achieve success with the platform. Why? Because most people don’t spend enough time developing an implementation strategy. 

To begin, you should identify and define your automation processes. 

Define Automation Processes

Rarely anything goes well in business without a plan, right? So, implementing Pardot is no different. You need to outline your processes. 

To help you identify how your company is doing in terms of sales and marketing you can ask yourself the following questions: 

1. Are your sales engagements successful? 

2. Do you think you can improve in qualifying leads? 

3. Does your website get enough leads? Why not?

4. Do an evaluation of your KPIs and how you can make them better

A Pardot consultant can help you with all of these questions and give you advice on how to best implement Pardot to get better leads and sales. 

Expect to Run Into Problems

Setting up and running Pardot means that you might run into some problems when using the platform. It’s good to take note of any issues and document them for future use. 

This is another reason to hire a Pardot consultant. You don’t need to worry about fixing technical problems and wasting your time when you could be thinking of new marketing strategies.

Despite the occasional technical errors, that shouldn’t put you off from using Pardot. 

Why Pardot Is Worth the Money 

Did you know that Pardot ranked in the top ten of the G2 Crowd Grid for Marketing Automation? Well, it did! 

And, for good reasons. Keep reading to find out why you need to use Pardot this year…

Measure ROI

Pardot allows you to calculate the return of investment on your marketing. This can help you gain further insights into your marketing efforts and create the next steps in improving engagement rates. 

Maximize Email Marketing 

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your users and make your business stand out. Pardot uses an email editor that enables you to personalize your messages.

This makes it easier for you to create content that converts which is better for gaining brand loyalty. 

Salesforce Integration 

Pardot is integrated with Salesforce so they can have access to Pardot data and Pardot emails can also be sent through Salesforce. As well as this, when a lead reaches a certain limit it sets off a task in Salesforce. 

This powerful combination can help your business get ahead of other companies and increase conversion rates. 

Better Understand Sales Funnel

Pardot also provides an overview of engagement reports so you can determine where things are getting lost in the funnel. 

Amongst these benefits there are also the followings:

  • Enables lead nurturing 
  • Progressive prospect tracking 
  • Distinguishes between lead grading and scoring 
  • Sales and marketing integration benefits 
  • Speeds up automation and sales cycle

So, after reading this article if you find yourself curious about hiring a Pardot consultant and taking your business to the next level then 6Street has you covered. 

Looking to boost engagement rates? Or, are you struggling to meet your marketing goals? Then, you probably need an expert to take a look. 6Street is a qualified Salesforce Partner that provides Pardot consulting services. 

Don’t miss a chance to use the benefits of Pardot by not hiring a consultant! 

Hire a Pardot Consultant Today

There’s no reason your business shouldn’t be booming with the use of Pardot software unless you haven’t developed a thorough implementation plan. First, try outlining your process and goals then if you still have no luck…

You should hire a Pardot consultant. Let someone else take care of this aspect of your business while you focus on the other errands you have piling up in your planner. 

Take a look at 6Street to find out more about this amazing platform! You won’t regret it.