The Benefits of Gamification And How To Add To Salesforce Products

Gamification is a relatively new term. However, some form of gamification has been around since the beginning of sales teams.

Sales competitions, incentives, and even employees of the month are all some form of gamification. Anything that keeps a team motivated in a fun way is the same idea.

Before, companies tracked sales through pen and paper. But, with digital advancements, cloud software such as Salesforce helps businesses to track employee’s progress and sales. 

How, though, can you add gamification to Salesforce products? Below, you’ll find the benefits of adding gamification and how to add gamification to Salesforce. 

What is Gamification?

Gamification in sales is an easy way to motivate a sales team toward a specific goal or just add excitement to every workday. It not only motivates sales teams, but it can also change the daily workings of how they perform different mundane tasks. 

There are several ways you can use gamification. Sales leaderboards are a popular way to show team members where they stand with everyone else. This encourages a level of competition for the team, which results in more sales. 

Other forms of gamification reinforce good habits that lead to a more productive individual overall. Instead of pitting teams against each other, this is a good way to make each employee aware of their statistics and allow them to compete against themselves. 

Other than leaderboards, you can put in place daily goals for calls made or interactions with customers. With gamification, employees are more likely to record these interactions. This not only motivates them to do more, but it also gives you a better representation of daily operations. 

What Is Salesforce? 

Salesforce is a cloud-based, customizable software that assists in the management of the marketing, sales, and customer support of your business. Just about every major company uses Salesforce. 

Salesforce Products

To understand why you need Salesforce, you must understand their products. All their products are available in cloud-based, which makes them incredibly easy to integrate into your existing ecosystem. 


Their sales cloud software keeps track of sales and marketing. This is especially important for companies that focus on the customer or B2B sales. 


Marketing teams use Salesforce to create marketing plans and manage marketing platforms. That includes how your current customers receive marketing material. With Salesforce you can manage emails, social media content, data analytics, and more. 


Using the Salesforce community cloud creates a way for all the employees in one company to easily communicate. With this group cloud, they can instantly share information and media with each other. 

Custom Applications 

Salesforce provides a cloud platform to host your custom applications, such as gamification. They provide several tools for developing and hosting your own custom applications. 

Several other Salesforce products benefit companies, such as for storing analytics. Salesforce also offers cloud applications for managing health offices. 
Companies rely on Salesforce because it allows them to easily store and access necessary data. It is a way for customers, sales, marketing, and management to coexist in one place seamlessly. 

Adding Gamification to Salesforce Products

While Salesforce is the best way to track company sales and marketing, it only works well if employees use the system to track input data. Disinterested employees are less likely to track their sales, and they are less likely to communicate their work.

Using gamification with salesforce products is a way to reignite employee interest in tracking sales and marketing. When seeking a gamification platform, there are some key factors to consider. 

Do all levels of sales employees benefit from gamification?

This is an important question to consider. If your gamification includes a leaderboard with prizes, mid-level employees who do not have the opportunity to perform as highly will not benefit. Mid-level employees most likely make up the majority of your sales team, so you want to make sure they’re involved. 

Will this gamification improve organization and operations? 

The most meaningful gamification addresses more than just final sales numbers. If you want to see real change in the day-to-day operations of your company, then focus on the more mundane tasks that employees might otherwise put off or ignore. 

Am I using gamification to highlight positives or negatives? 

Ultimately, gamification should make employees feel good about the work they’ve done. Unachievable goals or unfair comparisons to other employees have the opposite effect on company morale. In this regard, performance-based tracking is a more positive way to use gamification. 

By using gamification, you encourage workers to track their sales in Salesforce so they receive appropriate rewards for their work. 

Picking a Gamification Platform

If you want to build up your company morale, boost sales, and get more data, then gamification is for you. When searching for a gamification platform, make sure it is easy to integrate with Salesforce and easy to manage. 

User-experience is just as important with gamification as it is with any other app. When searching for a platform to use with your company, look out for one that sales and marketing teams want to use. Schedule a demo to make sure it’s the right fit for your team. 

Once you discover a platform that you believe is the one, customize it to your team. Gamification is a different process for every company, and there are no one-size-fits-all. For this reason, customization is key. 

Finally, ensure that you can gather relevant data from the game itself, like how many of your sales team employees use the game and how often? This way, you’ll know if you need to make adjustments in the user-engagement.

Get Gamification Today!

Just about every business today uses Salesforce. Gamification is one of the best ways to make the most out of your Salesforce products. 

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