COVID-19 Accelerator: In this together – Help for your business during this challenging time

Salesforce B2B Commerce Rapid Response Quick Start

COVID-19 has brought unforeseeable challenges to businesses. To meet these challenges requires calm, collaboration, clarity of vision and expertise.

The need for a B2B Commerce solution has become imperative for businesses across manufacturing, distribution, retailing and more. It is now a priority in the business transformation roadmap for many companies.

6Street Digital’s COVID-19 Accelerator for Salesforce B2B Commerce is designed to get a viable storefront up and running quickly. Allowing your customers to engage in a reliable, safe and efficient way while driving ROI.


This basic B2B storefront is a starting point to meet an immediate need. 6Street Digital will partner with you over the long term to enhance your B2B presence and offer guidance along your entire digital transformation journey. We are here to help now and in the future.

In addition to this reduced timeline we are also offering as a part of this plan, 3 months of our Salesforce B2B Commerce support plan, for FREE!

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