B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B Commerce is an enterprise digital commerce platform which enables organizations to create ecommerce storefronts that are specifically designed for businesses making large volume purchases from other businesses online. B2B commerce customers need easy online access to suppliers so they can buy products to run their businesses.



Salesforce B2B Commerce Rapid Response Quick Start

How 6Street Can Help You

  • Discovery to outline business needs
  • B2B Commerce customization
  • Organize product data and product images
  • Integration to other systems
  • Data migration and data cleansing
  • Training for admins to build dashboards, manage users.
  • Navigate the AppExchange for relevant third-party solutions – payment gateway and taxation solution
  • Roadmap the Salesforce Journey Vision for possible future storefronts
  • Bring a ‘Amazon experience’ to B2B customers/partners
  • Enable fast and easy re-ordering
  • Reduce support case generation through enhanced functionality and easy to use navigation
  • Unburden sales teams from managing cases
  • Increase revenue
  • Employ suggestive selling
  • One system for your customers rather than asking them to navigate multiple
  • Enhanced reporting capability
  • Increase customer self-service
  • Setup product customization, product restrictions by customer, customer segmentation and flexible discounting
  • Multiple languages and locales
  • Multiple currencies