We’ve arrived! 6 Street Technologies has always worked with our clients through our team of Salesforce Certified professionals. As certified professionals we are required to keep a high amount of knowledge of the platform in order to provide the best possible solutions. Now as of June 2015, 6 Street Technologies, LLC joins the ranks of other Salesforce.com Certified Partners such as Appirio, Accenture, Bluewolf, and Cloud Sherpas.

Our Partner listing can be found here: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000000qDa4EAE

While this standing sets us apart from other consulting firms, you might wonder “what does this do for me a client of 6 Street Technologies?” It’s a good question. Being a Salesforce.com Consulting Partner means more than just having clout. It means having the leading CRM provider by our side. Below are some examples of what being a partner strengthens our offerings.

Consultant Resources

We now have access to the Consultant Resource center. A home to a rich set of technical reference materials and implementation resources to help our team members deliver flawless customer deployments. This is the place to find product news, updates, and implementation support as well as specific information on sales, service, marketing and overall design.

Partner Community

Community discussion boards are the place to discuss our questions and connect with the rest of the partner community. Salesforce.com offers technically oriented boards around Force.com development, including specific technologies such as Force.com code (Apex), Force.com pages (Visualforce), Force.com sites, Java, .NET, and much more. They also offer general boards that cover a wide range of topics of interest to consultants, including Salesforce CRM best practices, desktop integration, and product discussions.

Formal Technical Support

Resources beyond the community discussion boards that include Salesforce.com Basic and Premier Support programs for partners. This includes:

Basic Partner Support

  • Unlimited application, basic developer, and partner program–related support
  • Online case submission with 2-day initial response time for all case types and severities
  • Proactive alerts and outage communication

Partner Premier Support

  • Significantly faster response times based on severity level
  • 24/7 availability for any Severity 1 issues
  • A dedicated premier support manager for our account

Expert Services

These services let us leverage Salesforce.com’s consulting experience and in-depth product expertise to ensure customer projects are successful. Expert Services can help us

  • Supplement partner implementation teams with product or platform experts
  • Proactively identify potential implementation issues
  • Share knowledge and experience gained from similar implementations
  • Take advantage of best practices, new feature knowledge, and the product road map
  • Validate and optimize salesforce.com configuration and architecture during the project life cycle

There is even much more than these highlighted here! Having the leading CRM provider behind us will help our clients succeed and reach new levels of potential. We at 6 Street Technologies, LLC look forward to what this new partnership will bring in the years to come as we all reach new levels of success.

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