Noe Tamez, Author at 6 Street Technologies, LLC

Jonathan Keel, Noe Tamez & Trailhead Bear at Dreamforce 2015

10 Lessons I Learned From My First Dreamforce

Last year, I had the privilege of attending my very first Dreamforce. Although you hear the stories about Dreamforce, you just never know what to expect […]

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Candy Coverage in Salesforce Development Projects by 6 Street Technologies

Candy Coverage – How Your Salesforce Developers Can Lead Your Organization to an Unhealthy Lifestyle

can·dy cov·er·age noun Unit tests written by a developer that provide the illusion of strong code coverage but is in fact a thin candy shell that is […]

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Your secret weapon to Salesforce development projects: agile principles, by 6 Street Technologies

The Secret Weapon You’re Probably Not Using

I’m going to let you in on a secret.  Salesforce and Agile are meant to be used together.  When you take some agile principles and use them with […]

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